Thursday, February 26, 2009

Warm my heart

I made a list of good things to think about, look forward to, dream about, to help me get through my last horrid semester at SFU. I thought it was worth sharing:

magical cave : love stories : wolves : handmade journals : handmade adornments : quilts : hot drinks in favoured ceramics : faeries : pillows : bears : coloured conte : figure drawing

I'll add to that:

jewel-toned beads : soul sisters : vintage shopping : kissing : clean sheets : dresses : sequined "Dorothy" shoes : puppies : drawings of girls showing their undergarments

Well you get the idea. Someone who does a lovely job of that last item on my list is Caitlin: you should visit her shop because it is lovely (and so is she).

What is your list?


  1. I love your list, it all makes me happy!!! I'm going to come up with a list and blog it.
    I hope you are doing well this weekend!

  2. I love your list! Each list is as unique as it's writer- that's a pretty wonderful thought...I love champagne, sea foam green, coral pink and eggplant purple alone and in combination. And I love spooning too. There is no shortage of lovely things in the world and I'm so glad you are choosing to meditate on that! Cheers! Becky

  3. Thanks for sharing some of your favourite things!! xxo
    We need more of this...